Pre-Human Development

Pre-Human Development is a non-impacted, non-degree program intended to provide students with the support they need to declare Human Development as their major in a timely manner.

Please note that all SSU students wishing to declare Human Development as their major must first declare Pre-Human Development and complete the Pre-Human Development curriculum.

Pre-HD Curriculum

  • Overall GPA of 2.5
  • Completion of 30 units of General Education coursework, including: 
    • The following courses with a C-
      • any A1 course (3 units)* 
      • any A2 course (3 units)
      • any A3 course (3 units)
    • The following courses with a C
      • any B2 course (3-4 units)
      • B4 with MATH 165 (Elementary Statistics) or equivalent from another institution (4 units)
      • A Social Sciences Foundation class (as an Area D): either ANTH 203 (Intro to Cultural Anthropology), PSY 250 (Intro to Psychology), OR SOCI 201 (Intro to Sociology), or equivalent from another institution (3 units)
      • A Language Foundation class: Area D with ANTH 200 (Intro to Linguistic Anthropology; 3 units) (recommended) OR D1 with ENGL 203 (Intro to Linguistics; 4 units), or equivalent from another institution
    • Additional lower division GE coursework (e.g., area C, area E, science lab) with a passing grade to reach a minimum of 30 units

NOTE: In the event that there are more applicants than space available in the Human Development major, applicants will be ranked according to GPA and admission into the HD major will be subject to department review. 

* Please see the HD Coordinator if you were admitted in a catalog year where area A1 was not required