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Advising Forms & Videos

Before attending your academic advising session, please search this list of topics and review the procedures to be followed.


The School of Social Sciences has an Advising Resources page where you can find advising videos on many topics, including: How to Read your ARR, How to Use Seawolf Scheduler, How use "Additional Search Criteria" in MySSU to search for GE courses, How to Enroll in Courses, How to Drop/Swap Courses, and How to Waitlist for a Course. Check them out!!


Change of Major Forms

Graduation Paperwork

Getting ready to graduate? Congratulations!! In order to graduate, students must submit a graduation application in which you specify your anticipated semester of graduation. Students can find the steps for completing this online form at the Registrar's information page on graduation.

If, after having applied for graduation, a student has to postpone their graduation for whatever reason, they have to submit a Graduation Postponement Form available at the Registrar's Forms and Petitions webpage.

Extra Units

Contract Courses

  • Internships: Interested in engaging in an internship with a community partner? Great! Please read the information outlined on the HD Internship page carefully. Please note that the internship program has been suspended.
  • Special Studies: Interested in participating in a faculty-led research project? Keep your eyes open for research positions, sent out on the HD listserv. If selected to join a project, the Principal Investigator will help you fill out the special Studies paperwork (HD 495).

Repeat a Course

  • If you repeat a course in which you received a C- or below, your grade will automatically be updated-no form is necessary. If you want to repeat a course in which you received a grade of C or higher, or the repeat course does not exactly match the course you want it to replace, you must use the Repeat Course Form available at the Registrar's Forms and Petitions webpage.

Petitions to: Add a Course After the Deadline, Withdraw from a Course, or Withdraw from SSU

Remember: You are responsible for understanding the potential consequences of withdrawing from a course, or the university. Be sure to read the Withdrawal Policy.

  • Use the "Petition to Add (after posted deadline)" form* if you need to add a course to your schedule after the end of Add/Drop.
  • Use the "Petition to Withdraw from an Individual Class - After Posted Deadline" form* to withdraw from a single course once the drop deadline has passed.
  • Use the "Withdrawal Completely from Sonoma State University - for total term" form* to withdraw from SSU, either for a semester or indefinitely.

* These forms are all available at the Registrar's Forms and Petitions webpage.