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How to Declare

The human development program welcomes all interested students!

For students who are already students at Sonoma State, this is how you should declare HD:

  1. Find the Change of Major form from the Admissions and Records website. This is a completely online form that does not need to be printed out.
  2. Fill out the Change of Major form with information like your name, email, and SSU ID. It's easy to do!
  3. The form will then be routed automatically; you do not need to meet with the coordinator to declare as an HD major!

Your status as a human development major will pop up on your ARR after this form is processed (a process that takes a few days).

For first year and transfer students, this is the process:

Incoming students will see human development as a major you can apply to on the application! Transfer and first year students are encouraged to meet with the HD coordinator during orientation or as soon as possible during their first semester.