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***Students should note that the HD internship program has been temporarily suspended, due to pandemic-related concerns.***

The following is a list of our current internship partners. It offers a general description of the institution’s goals and programs, internships offered, and basic contact information. Students should work with the HD internship coordinator as well as their internship supervisor to identify a specific internship at one of these institutions. In some cases, these organizations are open to working with individual students to design an internship that reflects their career interests.

Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Santa Rosa

987 Airway Court
Santa Rosa, CA 95402

Goals and programs

Catholic Charities is the largest non-profit in the North Bay Area, serving over 20,000 people from Petaluma up to the Oregon border. It serves people of all faiths, focusing on providing basic needs (i.e., food and shelter) to those in need. Increasingly, however, Catholic Charities is moving beyond these services to provide immigration counseling, health and wellness education, tax preparation, senior citizen care, and care for veterans.

Types of internship opportunities available

Catholic Charities has such a broad mission that it is challenging to generalize about the kinds of internships opportunities available. On the one hand, Catholic Charities offers a set of structured internships providing health and wellness training, working with veterans and the chronically homeless in a case management capacity, and providing support services for seniors with dementia. This is not an exhaustive list, however. The volunteer coordinator at Catholic Charities is willing to work with HD students to design internship opportunities that meet the needs of students as well as the populations that Catholic Charities serve.

Suitability for SSU students

The internship opportunities available at Catholic Charities are suitable for students with a variety of different career interests, given the wide range of populations the organization serves. Possibilities include case management, social work, adult services, and advocacy work. Students also get the opportunity to learn about how non-profit agencies work.

Chop’s Teen Club

509 Adams Street
Santa Rosa, CA 95401

Goals and programs

Chop’s Teen Club provides a broad range of programs and activities designed to serve as a place for the positive development of teens in Santa Rosa. The center serves teens in grades 7-12 and – with an annual membership fee of $1 (as a minimum) – it is accessible to a broad population. It has a broad range of available programs for teens: workforce training, community service opportunities, training in new technologies, athletic programs, and opportunities to develop artistic, musical, and culinary skill, among other possibilities.

Types of internship opportunities available

Given the diversity of programs at Chop’s Teen Club, the breadth of possible internship opportunities is quite large (see the list of programs above). All of the opportunities have to do with facilitating positive development during adolescence, through mentorship and other forms of supervision.

Suitability for SSU students

The internship opportunities available at Chop’s are suitable for students who imagine themselves working with teens in some capacity (e.g., as a coach, in providing recreation opportunities, serving as a youth advocate, and working in education). Students also would gain experience in a non-profit environment.