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***Students should note that the HD internship program has been temporarily suspended, due to pandemic-related concerns.***

Student internships are taken as credit/no credit classes. You will not receive a letter grade. This section describes how students are judged to be worthy of receiving credit for their internships.

Students must complete the number of hours that they have committed to work at their internship site. The amount of time commitment is specified in the University internship agreement form discussed above (a 1 unit internship is equivalent to 45 hours of work over the course of the semester; up to a 4 unit internship is possible, and this would be equivalent to 180 hours of work). At the end of the semester, the HD internship coordinator will contact the student’s onsite internship supervisor to confirm that the student has completed the number of hours to which s/he has committed. This is one of two ways that a student’s internship work gets evaluated.

Students will also be expected to keep a journal that gives a running account of their internship experiences. This journal is for you. As you apply for jobs after graduation, you can consult this journal for information on the skills you learned, the challenges you faced, etc. The HD internship coordinator will check to make sure that you have kept a journal; no other commentary or evaluation will be offered. This is the second way that a student’s internship work is evaluated.

If a student has completed the appropriate number of hours, and if the student has kept a journal of their internship experiences, they will receive credit for HD 496.