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The human development faculty are happy to meet with declared HD majors, or students interested in declaring human development.

Temporary Faculty Eligible for 3-year Appointments 


Benjamin Smith
Benjamin Smith
HD Program Coordinator, HD Internship Coordinator & Associate Professor of Human Development
On Sabbatical Spring 2024
Alexis Boutin
Alexis Boutin
Professor of Anthropology, & CRM Graduate Coordinator
Stevenson Hall 3725
Karin Jaffe
Karin Enstam Jaffe
HD Faculty Advisor, Professor of Anthropology, & School of Social Sciences Associate Dean
Stevenson Hall 3400C
Richard J Senghas
Richard J. Senghas
HD Faculty Advisor & Department Chair of Anthropology
Stevenson Hall 3729
Thomas Whitley
Thomas Whitley
Associate Professor; Director of the Anthropological Studies Center
Stevenson Hall 3726

Part Time Faculty