Degree Programs

The Human Development Program has two components:

Pre-Human Development is designed for students interested in majoring in Human Development and ensures prospective majors receive proper advising as they work on the requirements to apply to the 40-unit interdisciplinary Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Human Development. Pre-Human Development is not impacted and is not a degree-granting major. Any currently matriculated SSU student may declare Pre-HD by submitting a Change of Major form. Students must declare Pre-Human Development and complete the Pre-Human Development curriculum before they can apply to Human Development, which is an impacted major. Admitted students can decide to be in the Pre-HD program!

Being Pre-Human Development does not guarantee admission into the Human Development major. In the event that there are more applicants than space available in Human Development, Pre-Human Development students who complete the curriculum will be ranked by GPA when they apply to the major.

Students who are interested in the Human Development major should declare Pre-Human Development as early as possible and use the sample four-year plan  as a guide for completing the Pre-Human Development curriculum and the Human Development major.

The program does not currently offer a minor or a Master's degree. However, many Human Development majors obtain a second major or a minor in a related field, such as Anthropology, Early Childhood Studies, or Women's and Gender Studies.