How to Declare

Pre-Human Development is not impacted and any undergraduate student can declare Pre-HD, including: matriculated students of any class level, transfer students, and even first-time freshmen!!

Matriculated SSU Students

Pre-Human Development

  1. Obtain a Change of Major form from the Admissions and Records website
  2. Fill out the Change of Major form:
    1. Fill in your personal information at the top
    2. Write the following in the ADD setion
      1. New Program: Pre-Human Development and check the Major box (or 2nd Major if appropriate)
      2. Catalog Year: Fall 2019
      3. Academic Advisor's email:
    3. If you want to drop your current major or minor, please write it in the DROP section (if you are Undeclared, you can leave this section blank) 
  3. The form will then be routed automatically; you do not need to meet with the coordinator to declare Pre-HD

What Happens After I Submit My Change of Major Form?

You will receive an email from the HD Coordinator with the following information:

  1. Confirmation that your Change of Major form has been submitted
  2. Information about the next Pre-HD orientation/academic advising session

Human Development

Students in Pre-HD will be provided with information from the HD Coordinator on how and when to declare Human Development. 

Transfer Students

Transfer students admitted as Human Development and Pre-Human Development will meet with the HD Coordinator during transfer orientation. 

Human Development

Transfer students who meet the HD impaction criteria at the time they apply to SSU may apply to and will be admitted directly to the Human Development major. 

Pre-Human Development

Transfer students who know they do not meet all of the HD impaction criteria should apply to Pre-Human Development. Transfer students who apply to Human Develpment but have not met all of the HD impaction criteria will be admitted to Pre-Human Development. Upon receipt of all prerequisite course grades by SSU Admissions, transfers who have met the Pre-HD curriculum will be accepted into the HD major. Those that do not will remain in Pre-HD until eligible to apply to Human Development. 

First-time Freshmen 

Pre-Human Development

Freshmen admitted to SSU for Fall 2019 may change their major to Pre-Human Development at Freshmen Orientation or anytime after they arrive on campus in Fall 2019. Please follow the instructions for submitting a Change of Major form.

Effective Fall 2020, first-time-freshmen will see Pre-Human Development on the list of majors they can apply to at SSU!